str master class workshop-exceLling hosts to the next level


Hosts2Pros 2020 at the Radisson Blu, London, Heathrow.

 Join an exclusive group of Hosts from all over the world for a "Limited" 1-day MASTERCLASS workshop sure to help you elevate your Hosting business into a professional S.T.R operational POWERHOUSE !   Hosts2Pros taking place in London, puts you face to face with experts, professionals and trendsetters in the Short Term Rental industry under one roof as they deliver the most cutting edge tactics and strategies to use in 2020 and beyond.   

If you're ready to take your Hosting business to the next level, then you must attend.

Who's attending?

 For a full day, you and a limited amount of Hosts, property managers and industry professionals will study and learn the steps you must take not to compete, but to DOMINATE within your S.T.R market and industry. Experts and presenter will provide content, proven strategies, and Q & A's, during a professional course setting and environment. The goal is to provide you with more information, resources and tactics than you ever had before. More importantly, a clear plan of action and method on how to apply what you learn to your business. 

'To learn and grow, you must place yourself in the room with those who have achieved what you plan on achieving." 

Robertin Nunez,  President Co Host Expert Co.

What Every Host & Property Manager Needs to Know:

 *How to Build a Massive S.T.R. Portfolio   * Real Money - Revenue Management   

*OTA Tactics for Best Results                               *Corporate Booking Strategies

*O.K.R. Align Your Teams/Hit Your Goals  *Increase Your Direct Booking             


*Utilize the Best Listing Secrets                        *Working with Local Businesses

*SEO/Social Media/Gain Bookings               *Smart Home Strategies & Technology


And More

Limited Offer: Early Bird Registration £99.00. Secure Your Seat Today!

 Date: March 21 2020 at the Radisson Blu, London, Heathrow. 

 140 Bath Road, Heathrow, London, London,UB3 5AW,United Kingdom 

To register, click the link below and sign up today.  Space is limited and event maximum capacity is expected.  

Call for Speakers, Presenters & Sponsors

 Short Term Rental Industry professionals or companies that are interested in presenting at Hosts2Pros, please click below.  We are currently accepting qualified presenters and partners.  Deadline for all submissions is February 12, 2020.  

Sponsorship Opportunity

We have a limited amount of sponsorship opportunities.   If you are interested in being a sponsor please contact directly.  Thank You.