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 Our team consists of dedicated professionals whose sole purpose is to provide a win-win-win scenario for the owner, the community, and guest visitor wherein more income is now readily being generated.   Our team loves what they do, and it shows in our results.  We walk our owners through the process from start to finish, and ensure a  healthy and communicative relationship throughout the life of all agreements and/or contracts entered into.  We seek to have a fruitful and lucrative business relationship with our owners, hosts and clients. 


Our Leadership


Mr. Robertin Nunez  - Founder and Chief Travel Officer has been developing and managing Real Estate since 1991.  Early in his career Mr. Nunez focused on "igniting the transition" in the Philadelphia housing market causing a massive emergence of real estate investing in otherwise dormant areas of the City.  In the late 1990's he also co-founded a celebrity-driven travel company called FlightsClub.  FlightsClub was a bi-coastal (New York /Los Angeles) Entertainment Travel Company specializing in group experiences, and celebrity/corporate travel.  These combined ventures were the building blocks of Mr. Nunez's experience, and what led to the creation and successful operation of the Co Host Expert Company. Mr. Nunez's combined 20+ years of experience in both industries has solidified him and the Co Host Expert Company as the premiere professional development and management company for Short Term Rentals in the "Space Based and Home Sharing Economy."  Mr. Nunez's passion for systems, automation, ease of accessibility, growth, diversity and business forward thinking is a benefit to the company, its clients and the Short Term Rental Industry


A Concept that Works Great


The sharing economy and short term rental market is here to stay.  There are millions of active listings for units worldwide in over 190 countries.  The vacation home industry meets the needs of not just tourists, but of everyday people with vacation home needs, company and/or work related needs, educational stays, short term relocations and medical and sports travel needs. What we realized is that the multitude of reasons that exist for someone needing a place to stay is not being fully recognized in the Short Term Rental arena.  Our goal is to help owners transition into this growing industry and shift their rental practices in the direction of what is needed.  Let’s discuss your wants, needs, and end goal for your real estate investments, and let us apply our system of "Real Peace of Mind Passive Income" by converting your units into quality short term rentals.  Some conversion cases produced up to a 40% higher revenue after applying our system.  You too can enjoy the fruits of your wise investments by adapting with the change in the economy today, and heading into tomorrow with us by your side.

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