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 Co-Host Expert Company was founded to help Real Estate owners and host create and, maintain "Real Peace of Mind Passive Income" within their real estate portfolio.  We service existing short term rental host and real estate owners entering the industry.  

Host Services: We professionally manage your active listings & properties.  Our comprehensive system assures your property is earning its maximum potential while reducing issues and liabilities.  Regardless of your location we can create a solid, profitable and enduring rental experience for your property.  Contact us today and tap into our system already used by Host worldwide.  


Real Estate Owner Services:

Co-Host Expert Company assists the real estate owners in converting their standard market rental units into viable Short Term Rentals (Vacation Homes).  The Co-Host management service is designed to increase the owners revenue while reducing standard tenant related issues otherwise faced when dealing with traditional market rentals.  Co-Host Expert Company can manages every aspect of the process from unit design and conversion, marketing, reservations, guest relations and unit turnovers during guest stays.  Everything you need to develop increased revenue and reduced  or ending rental losses all together.  All you do as the owner is receive your scheduled payments.

The Co-Host Expert database of clients/guest and worldwide travel partner companies provide us an influx of potential guest ranging from students, corporate & business travelers, tourist & visitors, and medical  industry professionals just to name a few.  Vacation home are not solely used for vacations, there are thousands of reasons guest will pay handsomely for your accommodations. The real estate rental industry now has a proven, viable revenue stream in "Short Term Rentals".  All the Co-Host Expert company to  bring you into the new sharing economy the "Co-Host Way".


Experience Put Into Action

 The 31 combined years of Real Estate and Travel Industry experience makes the Co-Host Expert Company a leader in short term rental and vacation home industry.  From 1991-2013 we heavily invested in under developed real estate areas in major cities across North Americas East Coast while spearheading the Student Rental Market in Philadelphia, Pa. From 1996-2006 we also successfully operated in the celebrity travel industry with bi-coastal offices in New York City and Los Angeles.  The combination of real estate development and travel service provider experience gives us a major advantage to thrive in the short term rental industry.  Real Estate & Travel = Short Term Rentals & Vacation Homes.  Co-Host Expert has a comprehensive approach when introducing your property(s)  into the short term rental  market. Our systematic strategy consider many factors.  We consider the benefits to our owners & landlords, the community, local businesses and the guest as well as the local tenant population. We help increase revenue for owners while benefiting all the factors listed above.  Our goal is to provide a great environment for all people living in these communities while welcoming visitors from around the world.  


Our Specialty

We have been developing Real Estate in major metropolitan cities for over a quarter century now.  The short term rental market and emergence of the shared economy has accelerated the need to expand into other major cities around the world.  Co-Host Expert specializes in creating great living environments for individuals and companies needing housing in amazing travel hubs.  New York City NY, Philadelphia Pa,  Miami Fl, North Bergen NJ, Lisbon Portugal are all strong cities of business & interest to us. Yet our we continue to expand because real estate owners and host are in need or professional short term rental management.  That is why in 2019 we proudly opened  "Co-Host Expert Europe" located in Madrid Spain to bring us closer to clients, Host and business partners in Europe.  Yet we are NOT limited to these locations only.  Our focus is to service owners and host worldwide who understand the new sharing economy.  Let us consider your property and join the growing group of owners who have "Year Round Passive, Peaceful Rental Income"

 "The Co-Host Way".


NEW! Let Co-Host Expert professionally review your listing!


The S.T.R. Listing Review provided by Co-Host Expert Company is a comprehensive look at your existing listing from a professional Short Term Rental perspective. We are sure you have placed a lot of effort and resources into creating your listing and we congratulate you for bringing it this far. Yet there are possibly many gaps within your listing that are preventing your maximum earning potential.

C- Host Expert Company can professionally review your current listing

and potentially increase your revenue, reduce your losses and maintain a listing dominance on many major OTA's.  

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