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  Co-Host Expert Company, the short term rental professionals, was founded to help Real Estate owners and hosts create and maintain "Real Peace of Mind Passive Income" through short term rentals within their real estate portfolio.  That peace of mind is provided through our professional and technologically advanced property management services for Short Term Rental properties worldwide. We only partner up with the most reputable, efficient, and well-established business partners to bring you a systemic approach to operating your S.T.R portfolio.  Our structured services have proven to be successful, have yielded profits, and are available to you.  We are here to help you realize an increase in revenue and higher occupancy rate, whilst reducing guest-related issues.  Let us show you the Co-Host way . . . . 

 Services for Real Estate Owners:  Co-Host Expert Company assists property owners in the conversion process of their standard market rental units into viable Short Term Rental properties. We manage, but are not limited to, various types of properties from your single homes and duplexes to apartment buildings and apart-hotels. The Co-Host management service is designed to increase an owner’s revenue, whilst reducing standard guest-related issues otherwise faced when dealing with traditional market rentals.  Co-Host Expert Company can manage every aspect of the process from unit design/conversion, marketing, reservations, guest relations and unit turnovers.  In short, we take care of everything to ensure a consistent increase in revenue, a decrease in losses, and an invaluable peace of mind.  Co-Host will evaluate your existing structure to determine what, if any, changes need to be made, make a procedural and structural analysis comparing methods used within our system, and provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of what your S.T.R. portfolio yields can and should be going forward. In addition to the amazing services offered, our database of clients, guests, worldwide travel partners and companies provides us with a constant influx of potential guests reservations ranging from student rentals, corporate/business travelers, tourists/visitors, and/or professionals in the medical industry.  

 Services for Hosts include:  Our comprehensive system ensures your property is being managed professionally and efficiently to achieve maximum satisfaction by guests, while reducing issues and liabilities for you.  Regardless of your location, we can create a solid, profitable, and long-lasting management relationship and experience for your property.  Contact us today and join our worldwide group of clients/hosts/owners already benefiting from our services. 

   Short Term Rentals are now part of the Real Estate Economy and industry.  Short Term Rentals are no longer being used solely for vacations.  There are thousands of reasons why a guest would prefer your property over a hotel stay.  Let Co-Host Expert Company bring you into the new sharing economy the "Co-Host Way". 


Experience Put Into Action

  What makes Co-Host Expert Company a leader in short term rentals and vacation homes:  (1) 31 years of Real Estate and Travel Industry experience from 1991-2013; (2) selective collaborations with companies that are heavily invested in under developed real estate areas in major cities across the North American East Coast; (3) spearheading the Student Rental Market in Philadelphia, PA from 1996-2006; and (4) successfully operated a celebrity-driven travel company with bi-coastal offices in New York City and Los Angeles.  This extraordinary combination of versatile real estate, along with worldwide travel services brings about a large-scale advantage for Co-Host to thrive in the short term rental industry.  Real Estate + Travel = Short Term Rentals & Vacation Homes.    

 Co-Host Expert has a comprehensive approach when managing your property and introducing it into the short term rental market. Our systematic strategy uses many factors when considering the mutual benefits to our owners/landlords, the community, local businesses and to guests, as well as the local tenant population. We help increase revenue for owners while aiming to bring forth a benefit to all involved in the industry.  Our goal is to provide a wholesome and welcoming environment for all people living in these communities, which in turn, produces that very needed ingredient needed by tourists and/or visitors from around the world.    


Our Specialty

 We have been developing Real Estate in major metropolitan cities for over a quarter of a century now.  The short term rental market and emergence of the shared economy has accelerated the need to expand into other major cities around the world.  Co-Host Expert specializes in creating great living environments for individuals and companies needing housing in travel hubs located in strong cities of business and interest to us such as New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, and recently opened Madrid, and Lisbon. Our expansion is heavily based on the need that exists for professional short term rental management.  This year, we proudly opened  "Co-Host Expert Europe" located in Madrid, Spain to bring us closer to our clients, hosts and business partners in Europe.  Our focus is to service owners and hosts worldwide who understand and want to thrive in the new sharing economy.  Let us examine your property, project its potential for management, and welcome you into the growing group of owners who are currently working with us, and are enjoying their "Year Round Passive, Peaceful Rental Income" the " Co-Host Way." 

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