Creating & managing vacation homes worldwide

For Existing Hosts

Your vacation home is a business and should be treated as such.  Allowing The Co-Host Expert Company to professionally manage your vacation home and short term rental may make the difference between a highly profitable year, or a devastating loss. Many hosts find themselves overwhelmed with the process of managing and operating their rentals. If you are a current host for a vacation home or multiple short term rentals we can assist you. We offer a flat service fee for all booked and confirmed reservations.  No hidden fees. Our team is designed to help your unit earn the highest return whilst reducing guest-related issues and increasing your reviews and status. 


·  Create your listing.

·  Publication of your listing on multiple portals in a network of over 190 countries and millions of potential guests.

·  Dedicated representative for your account.

·  Monthly reports.

·  Adjusting rental rates accordingly to maximize profits.

·  24 Hour guest response and assistance.

·  Review & monitor your listing as required.

·  Professional cleaning service and maintenance (optional).

Contact us today and allow us to manage your rental unit.  Reap the benefits from our years of experience in the industry.


For Owners & Developers


Adjacent or Neighboring Multiple Dwelling Properties

 If your units are located within a building or complex, are adjacent to one another, or are within a close proximity of one another, we have a great service for you.  Let us evaluate the potential of converting your property into a ShorTel (Short Term Residential Hotel Style).  This is one of the highest revenue generating properties within the STR industry today. We can help you convert your unit(s) into viable, profitable, and fully managed ShorTel vacation home properties. 


New Developments Entering the STR Industry

 Developers of multi-unit residences can also benefit greatly from our Short Term Rental Services.  Co-Host can help you take an entire residential floor or section of a building or complex and convert them into quality short term rental units.  This can offset vacancy revenue losses suffered by traditional rental tenants.  Adding Short Term Rentals to your portfolio reduces your standard management service costs, and alleviates you from any burdens since we manage all guest reservations. 


Scattered Site Owners

 Do you own scattered properties?  That's perfectly fine by us!  If you have a rental portfolio throughout an area, we would be interested in speaking to you as well.  Co-Host Expert also sets up great grounds-operation systems throughout cities.  Contact us and let us know what city you are in, and we can discuss specific management procedures for that particular city.  Our efficient and effective management system, professional teams on the ground, and partners in many locations allow us to work with scattered sites in multiple cities. 

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 Our business development team spends a lot of time traveling globally from conferences, to trade shows visiting cities we are expanding into and building relationships with local owners.  Contact us and let's set up a time for you to meet with one of our professional Short Term Rental Specialists.  You never know, we just may be passing through your City. 

Co-Host Expert Company

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